Standing tiptoed peaking into God’s kingdom a community continues emerging among Marines in Jacksonville North Carolina. Families living within walking distance of one another, seven families, none of which are native to the area are learning to deliberately love on each other.

Fifty years ago Navigators began reaching and discipling Marines at Camp Lejeune. From the late 60's till now, Navigator staff and laborers live only a few houses down from where those early staff lived.

Drop by 709 Vernon Drive (Jesse and Katie's home) any Friday for lunch with Jesse, Katie, and children but, call or text first as they may be at 713 Page Drive, just one street over. Stick around for the afternoon too, so you can experience "The Hut" on Friday nights. Falafel, Pizza or bring your own meat to grill and play games and watch movies - if you get there early enough to find parking. BTW "The Hut" is 715 Vernon Drive full of single guys two doors down from the Jesse and Katie's residence, where lunch is served.

Freedom in our community is a core value, birthing acceptance, trust, and safety. Often when recruiting new Marines to hang out with us, I tell them to come by and sniff us out. Christ’s aroma is all over these folk, spreading faith, hope and love’s virus. Watch out, someone may sneeze some good news on you!

Best of all, bring your friends not yet in Jesus’ kingdom along with you for sports on Saturday, and Wednesday nights on base to read and discuss the Bible. Asking questions, tough questions is encouraged and celebrated, often without clear concise answers.

Are we having Fun yet? You guessed it; having fun is one of our community core values, helping establish Jesus’ joy He asked the Father to fulfill in us in John 17:13. Listen, and you will hear lots of laughter - leg slapping, and stomach hurting kind of laughing! As the country music song says; "That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It!"

Family, Freedom, and Fun have provided clear boundaries for loving God and one another with vision for generations to come. Wholehearted passionate Jesus’ love, poured into our hearts by God’s Holy Spirit spills over eroding isolation and individualism. May Jesus’ joy and deep abiding love bind your hearts together with those you live among Also!

Denise Brownlee
I have a son serving at LeJeuene and would love to have a contact for him. He could sure use the support!
2/19/2014 9:01:59 AM
Victor Rance
I was stationed at Camp Lejeune 1987 to 1990. I am 53. I am married and I travel alot sharing the greatness of our Heavenly Father with other. How can I help you? Love Victor and Stacey Rance
8/18/2013 11:24:11 AM
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